Sometimes a Girl Just Needs to Knit

11 09 2009

Any and all knitters out there will understand this completely.  I am sure of that.  And anyone that does not understand it, well I am sorry but I do not believe you are a real knitter.

I have worked too many hours in the last 4 days, and almost all of the hours that I have not been working I have been in school.  The combination of scary Nursing school and scary job transitions leaves me with only about 3 hours of free time per day.  I’m using that term loosely because it is not free time, it is the time that I have to cram in studying for said scary Nursing school and preparing yoga classes to teach at said scary job.  And I am not going to lie to you internet, this has all got me really down.

So at the end of all of this all I really want to do is curl up on my couch with my dog and knit.


That’s my dog up there, and that’s how he sits while I knit, with his head on my knees, waiting for me to look up from my knitting to see just how cute he is.  Now doesn’t it sound real nice to sit on a couch knitting and look up to that little face?  Yes, I think so too.

I have noticed, and i guess this is a pretty obvious observation, that when I’m tired and stressed and a little (or a lot) cranky, I have a preferred project.  Plain socks.  I love plain socks.  No counting, no yarn overs, no knit or purl anything with anything else or slip slip anything, just rows and rows of colorful stockinette.  I fully inted to take pictures of my plain vanilla sock, and maybe some other stuff too, tomorrow.

Until then, well I’m pretty much planning nothing until then, so goodnight!



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