I told you I would take some photos…

12 09 2009

Well here are all of my SiP’s (Socks in Progress remember?)

September Socks

I just love group photos, but I took some individuals too, so here are my Wendy Johnson’s Ribbed Ribbons from my first entry:

Ribbed Ribbons Progress

And here are the Wendy’s Rivulets that were also in my first post:

Rivulets Progress

I think these might be my favorites, the Slackford Studio BFL is really amazing and it’s working very very well with this pattern.

I also have this lone sock that was referred to in my last entry, it’s a super plain vanilla top down sock pattern and it’s been my comfort knitting for the last day or so.


I’m about 6 inches down the leg so I’ll be starting the heel in another inch or two.  What is really exciting about this sock is the yarn.  A while back, the wonderful Ravelry had a contest for the Sock Summit.  This contest was called Dye for Glory and it involved many many small dyers (and some big ones too), all dying special colorways for the Sock Summit.  I found and fell in love with one dyer, Lollipop Cabin.  Lollipop Cabin is a tiny eco-friendly operation out in Washington, their yarns are all organic, organically dyed, they even use natural rain water and it amazed me.  They don’t typically sell through the internet (in fact never) and for one time only they were offering their yarns from the Dye for Glory contest.  I of course bought two colorways and really treasure them.  This particular colorway was entered as a “Mosiac” which means that the colors are not regularly dyed or in long enough sections to produce striping.  They may flash or pool but mostly it’s just a pretty purplish-brown sock with a whole bunch of gorgeous colors that pop up every now and again.  This is why I chose it to become a simple stockinette sock, no pattern to compete with the yarn!

The last pair of socks you see there are a mystery pattern from the Sock Knitter’s Anonymous group on Ravelry.  The wonderful Nancy Bush designed it.  I have never knit a mystery sock before and I’m relieved that this is a pattern I actually LOVE knitting.  It’s turning out wonderfully and I’m excited to see where the next clues take me.  I am abstaining from posting a close up picture because in my mind mysteries should be surprises and even though no one reading this blog may be participating in this KAL, well maybe someone is!  I’ll post some pretty close ups when the final clues are published in a couple of weeks.

Since it’s starting to get nice and cool, I have also been working on some other projects, but I don’t have photos of those and I think this may be quite enough for today.  More to come very soon!



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