Where do we go from here?

17 09 2009

So as a sidebar here, I have this really amazing boyfriend who lives in Minneapolis (just so you know that is 1100 miles away from where I am).  So I like to sometimes knit him things, and for the last three months or so I have been working on this:

blanket 1

Excuse the wonky picture, turns out it’s really hard to photograph blankets!  So I call this baby the “Boyfriend Blanket” and it is knit log cabin style.  This is a really simple process with very appealing results.  You knit a rectangle and bind off, then pick up stitches from the side of rectangle 1 and knit another rectangle (2), bind off again.  Then pick up stitches from the bound edge of rectangle 1 and the side of rectangle 2, etc.

I’ve got quite a few blocks knit up and I’ve been basically winging it with color placement here, so now I’ve got this piece finished (Pictured above) which is about 36″ by 40″ and I’m nearing the end of the blanket (my boyfriend and I are both tiny people so we don’t need a huge blanket) but I’m not sure what to do with the color, so, I’m just going to keep knitting with what I THINK I want and then we’ll see what happens.  That’s how I do things, blind exploration.



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