Never Enough!

19 09 2009

So, I cut back a shift at work in order to give me more study time for my insane Anatomy class.  At least that’s what I told my boss and my coworkers, friends, family, and even myself.  One of the real driving forces of this decision:  I NEED MORE TIME TO KNIT.

So now I’ve been able to make some real good progress on my Boyfriend Blanket, I’ve almost completely finished the block in question, whose color I like just fine now.  And I’m making some good progress on my neglected sock pile today too.  I’m also making great progress on my yarn diet, I haven’t bought any yarn with this paycheck and I intend not to.  However, I am not making progress on being covetous and lately I covet SPINNING!

I do not know how to spin, I’ve never tried, I bet I would be terrible in fact, that is not going to deter me.  I am determined, I will buy a wheel and fiber and I will learn to spin and that’s that.  I also want to learn to weave, there I said it.  Knitting is not enough, I want to be the goddess of all things yarn.  I guess that’s just how I am, being a yoga teacher isn’t enough for me either, I have to be the best and most knoweldgeable teacher EVER (I’m not but one day you bet I will be!)  That’s why I am taking a Thai Yoga Massage training and that is why I kill myself in Anatomy, and why I hope to become a Nutritionist or Reflexologist or SOMETHING along those lines.  When I have an obsession, well it becomes a real bonafide maybe a little scary to those around me, obsession.



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