Something is Finished!

24 09 2009

So for this I feel pretty badly.  I started knitting my Ruby Ribbons socks a few weeks ago.  At the time I was knitting them for myself (I knit mostly for myself, I will explain it another time), however about halfway through I thought they looked quite small and wouldn’t fit (they did fit over my foot but they seemed tight to me).  SO I STUPIDLY PROMISED THEM TO A DEAR FRIEND AND COWORKER OF MINE WITH TINY TINY FEET.

Then, yesterday, this happened:

ribbons socks done

That is one pair of finished socks on my own feet, and they are no where near too small, in fact they are a little big!  Damn stretchy ribbed patterns tricked me.  And if they fit my size 8.5’s like that, there is virtually no chance of my friend Laurie’s tiny size 5.5’s (maybe 6 I don’t know they are baby feet!) keeping those babies on.

I guess I’m going to have to knit a pair of tiny lady socks next month.



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