It’s been a good week!

27 09 2009

Since the craziness of my first set of exams in Anatomy has passed (I got a B and an A by the way!!) I have had a lot of knitting time and finished another set of socks!

Finished Mystery September

These were the mystery socks from the KAL I mentioned a while back.  The pattern is now available to any and all (who are on ravelry), the September 09 Mystery Sock by Nancy Bush or as Nancy called it the “Fox Face Lace Socks.”  They turned out very well so I’m definitely pleased with my first mystery!

I’m currently finishing up my Rivulets, and have um, accidentally, cast on another pair of socks (will share at a later date).

Also, I promise that I don’t usually only knit socks, I can explain:

  • I promised myself I wouldn’t cast on any sweaters or blankets until I finish my boyfriend blanket (which has once again stalled a bit on progress)
  • I also promised myself (and my wallet) that I wouldn’t buy any yarn right now, since I’ve had to cut back a bit on working in order to pass Anatomy.

However, the blanket is very close to finished and I am in the process of getting more classes at work, so it seems as if very soon I’ll be back to sweater knitting!  I am sure once it gets really cold I’ll start sweaters again, until then…



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