Productive Weekend X1000

27 09 2009

Here are my finished Rivulets!!


I am really really happy with how these turned out, the yarn and pattern worked really great together.  I think that’s one of the the keys to being a better knitter, to really think about how the yarn you are using is going to make the pattern look.  I have only started really thinking about this recently (and I hate to admit, I’ve only recently started swatching! GULP!)

Because I finished two pairs of socks this weekend I cast on two pair as well.  One pair is just some toe caps right now and won’t be much to look at for a while probably, the other are Cookie A’s Wanida from her book Sock Innovation.  If you don’t have a copy, you should buy one!    Here’s a picture of them from this morning, I’ve got almost twice that now but can’t take pictures once the sun goes down.

Gilded Ladies 1

I am calling these “Gilded Ladies.”  They are going to be really fabulous winter socks, I’m using Fleece Artist’s 2/6 Merino in Gold.  I really can’t explain to people how much I love Fleece Artist.  Their colors are absolutely gorgeous and their yarns are great on top of it.  They tend to run a little chubbier than my normal tastes, but in the end the 2/6 runs such a squishy soft fabric that I don’t care how fat it may be!

Okay well that’s all for today, and possibly for a while since I’ll be learning Anatomy, teaching yoga, and learning Thai Yoga Massage this week… oof



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