Yeah I don’t know either.

21 10 2009

Firstly, I’m really looking forward to mid December when work will have settled and school will be over and my knitting time will magically reappear and so will my blogging time.

Secondly,  I have realized that all of my knitting projects lately are blue or green, or teal (which as you know is a combination of blue AND green).  I don’t know how that happened but I guess I have been craving some soothing watery tones lately.  The exception here, of course, is the boyfriend blanket, which has been coming along just marvelously!  However it is once again on hold for a week or so until I finish the first sock of the paid I am test knitting for the amazing designer Hunter Hammerson, I’ve had a knitting crush on her sock patterns all summer and read her blog pretty obsessively.  I have been working on her Crenellation pattern and had the opportunity to test knit her Bedizen socks as well!

This is my first experience test knitting, and I really like it, more than a KAL (I’m sorry!)  Maybe I have an anti-social personality type (although I like to think I am just independent), but working on projects that are brand new, uninfluenced by those who have knit before me, well I really get a kick out of that!

So as always it is not the right time of day for me to take photos, so I will do that for you tomorrow morning I promise!   Speaking of, one of my first purchases with the unusually large amount of money I will soon be making (huge increase in hours, plus a raise!), will be a nice digital camera that can take beautiful close up knitting photos because I am sure tired of iPhone photography!



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