Not so Secret Test Knit

4 11 2009

So I have been quiet, partly because I neglect my blog sometimes but much more because I have been knitting something I could not show you!


The first test knit with Hunter went so well that she asked me to do another private one.  At first I wasn’t supposed to show them or talk about them, but I have received word that it’s okay to let the proverbial cat out of the bag!




This isn’t the best photo, but I just finished the first sock and it’s dark out!  I think it’s been dark out too much when I’ve been home and that makes me miss the summer.  That and because in the summer I had a life 🙂


So a little more about this sock?  It’s a DK weight pattern and the left sock will mirror this one.  The yarn is Rowan 4 ply Soft and it really is (soft that is).  It’s knit up very nicely and compliments this super pretty mostly twisted knit pattern.


Now that I’ve finished the first and have a few weeks to finish number 2, I will probably pay a little attention to my other FIVE works in progress (geez Elizabeth!)



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