Shake It Up Baby Now

16 11 2009

So I’ve finally made a little progress and finished a project.  Here are my Babylonian/Luxe Socks (test knit for Hunter Hammerson) all done up and I don’t mind saying that they are awfully pretty.  I’m including the almost finished photo as well because the color is more accuarte and the detail stands out a bit better.  (As usual these were finished after the sun set).




These socks were a really great knit and I’ll be sure to post when the pattern has gone live for any interested parties.  The instep and leg are done in almost all twisted knit, so I thought I would touch on that momentarily.


I never had any qualms whatsoever with twisted knitting.  In fact, embarassingly enough I knit twisted unintentionally for my first year or so of knitting.  One day I realized the mistake I had been making and corrected it.  However, now that I’ve been knitting correctly for some time, twisted knitting sometimes gets me down.  Not in the context of these socks, which I finished in about two weeks and did not give me any trouble so long as I took breaks every couple of hours.  However I am working on an as-yet-to-be-photographed cardigan with more then 4 inches of twisted ribbing on the hem.
That’s right, twisted ribbing, which includes both twisted knit stitches (not really that bad) but also, TWISTED PURLS.  Atrocious.  I am not sure who invented the twisted purl but they do not like knitters.  Unfortunately, twisted rib really does give you a much neater appearance than regular flat rib, so I continue to suffer through and so far I’m about halfway through.


I’m going to stay away from twisted stitches worked flat for a while.



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