16 12 2009

Sometimes a project just turns out fantastic and there is nothing to do but be rather pleased with yourself.

I will admit right now, I am rather pleased with myself.  I have read a few books on knitting and color and handpainted yarns and socks and on top of that I DID go to art school for photography and spent two years learning nothing BUT color and design, so I’m glad all of this training finally paid off.  How did it pay off?  Well it all culminated as these socks:

The pattern is Chevvy from Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn by Carol Sulcoski which is one of those books I read that helped me learn how to pair yarns and patterns together a little more successfully.   The book is great and filled with a bunch of really swell patterns that I’m excited to try out.  My only criticism is that some of the yarns used in the samples really aren’t my taste (I’m a bit of a color snob and some wildly variegateds thrill me while others really turn me off and I have no reason as to why), so I sometimes have to look past the sample and imagine the pattern knit in a different way.  I guess that is what ravelry’s projects pages are for.

But back to my socks!  The yarn I used is Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock yarn, I used the Maple Grey colorway.  The yarn is really fabulous, it’s super soft and feels almost like velvet.  It was a bit of a challenge to find a pattern that would work with the variegated Alpaca, but once I did, BAM!

These are really a dream come true for my feet and my eyes 🙂



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16 12 2009

They look AWESOME!
p.s. Thank you for your kind words about the book.

20 02 2010
VDay Yarn Follow Up! « ElizaKnits

[…]  I also love Misti Alpaca and have been meaning to get more ever since my wild infatuation with my Chevvy […]

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