A Very Yarny Vday

14 02 2010

Well it is not much of a secret that I have a Long Distance Boyfriend, one who I might add is in the Caribbean right now with his family so I could not even call him for Valentine’s Day (I did receive a very lovely email though!)

Another not very secret fact about me is that my best friend in life lives in Baltimore.  Her name is Colleen and we have been friends since we were 18, longer ago than I might care to admit.  I met her in the hallway of my ex boyfriend’s college dorm, they were next door neighbors.  I asked her if she would like to come watch me get my nipple pierced and she said yes.  I’ve long since retired the piercing but would never dream of retiring Colleen.

Well one of my favorite parts of me and Colleen’s friendship is our joint obsession with all things yarny and crafty.  We go to a yarn shop everytime we are together no matter where we are and make excuses why we need “souvenir” yarn.  If one of us is broke the other will pay for both person’s stash additions.  That’s just what friends do for friends.
We have also recently adopted a tradition of surprise yarn.  This is when one will go online and pick out a skein of sock yarn and have it sent to the other.  We always tell each other after purchasing the surprise yarn because really we are ladies of the instant gratification generation and we don’t want to have to wait three whole business days for the other to find their surprise.  It’s pretty beneficial to have a friend like this who knows your yarn preferences inside and out.  Set me loose in a yarn shop overflowing with color and I bet I can find Colleen’s top five choices.  I bet she could find mine.

Today for Valentine’s day Colleen told me she sent me a skein of sock yarn.  I in turn hopped online and sent a skein to her.  I don’t really care if my boyfriend brings me back a single thing from the Caribbean.  I have Valentine’s sock yarn from my best friend for life.




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7 04 2010
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