Oh So Quiet

7 04 2010

Not only on my blog.  I have completely lost my voice.  I am not sick, I don’t feel horrible, I just can’t speak at all!  I’m hoping for a fast recovery, not being able to speak is not a good thing for a yoga teacher.  🙂

In the world of my knitting, I have a bunch of Cookie A. socks happening:

First, I am about half finished with my second Milo.  I’m knitting them with Zoe Sock and I love them.

Second:  I am using the fruits of my Valentine’s Yarn to knit a pair of Lindsay’s:

The Yarn is Elizabeth Bennet by Yarn Love in colorway Twinkling Pink.  It’s a little darker than that photo, more like this one:

And the last pair of Cookie A socks, my very first pair of the ever popular Monkeys:

I’m actually almost done with that sock, but apparently haven’t taken pictures of them in a while!

In addition to all of the Cookies, a pair of simple toe-up cabled rib socks in Schaefer Yarn’s Nichole (colorway is Dorothy Reade):

And I may or may not have cast on today for one of these (but can you really blame me!)

Well, there you have it, a peek at things to come, and a blatant admittance to knitting ADD.  I will say though, I seem to switch up projects pretty frequently but I am making steady little progress on everything.




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