Summer Knits

10 04 2010

Last summer I knit primarily socks.  By “primarily” I mean “exclusively.”  This was for a couple of reasons, socks are portable, fairly fast knits that provide instant gratification.  Socks are also fairly cheap to make.  I’m more than a little picky about my yarn.  If I knit, I want to knit with the good stuff.  This means that a sweater usually costs me a minimum of $70 while a pair of socks are almost always in the 20 dollar range.  Money was a bit tighter last year than this, and so I have decided that this summer I will be knitting some actual summer garments.

This includes drape-y tanks, possible tank dresses or slips, and cardigans made in summer friendly yarns.  And I would like to present my very first of these projects!

As I mentioned briefly at the end of my last post, here is Que Sera:

I instantly fell in love with this vintage style cardigan when I saw it in the new issue of Knitty.  It’s elegant without being very fussy, something I find rare in a lace pattern.  I have been diligently knitting away on my own version since Wednesday and here is what I have so far:

The body is worked in one piece to armholes which is my favorite style of construction.  I wish the sleeves were picked up from there but they are not, I may modify that construction but the chances are I will not want to complicate the lace pattern.

I’m about to work the third buttonhole (of 5 total) so I expect to reach the arm shaping soon!  I am using Takhi Cotton Classic and it’s a lovely easy to work with cotton, not stiff at all compared to other cotton yarns.  It has a nice sheen and drape almost like silk.  I’m quite tempted to cheat and block what I have just to see how it will look but it is not a matter of fit so I’ll have to be patient 🙂




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