It’s Been Too Long

30 01 2011

So I have decided to be more active on this blog again, if for no other reason than that I’d like to have somewhere to keep track of my knitting!

I just finished up a Parcel, from Carol Feller in Cascade Venizia Worsted. It’s a great pattern, seamless pullover with an interesting cable detail. The yarn is great and fun to knit with, overall this took me about two months of knitting while being distracted by plenty of other projects. I’m happy with how it turned out except it is a little too big in the sleeves, not enough for me to rip and rework but just enough to notice.

Pictures are of the mountain of snow in my front yard and the tiny patch of path I was able to stand in.


Merry Christmas!

26 12 2009

Now that the day has come and presents have been received I can post more of the gifts I made.

First mittens for my mother, the pattern is Snapdragon Flip Tops by Ysolda Teague, they are from her Whimsical Little Knits 2 collection and I am eager to get to several other patterns from this e-book.  However if you’re not into the other patterns you can also purchase this pattern individually 🙂

The yarn is Spud and Chloe sweater, it’s a wool and organic cotton blend.  Soft enough to wear on the hands but a bit sturdier than other yarns so I know these will stand up to any beatings they take via my mother.  The pattern was lovely and quick and the finished product turned out great!

Sometimes a Girl Just Needs to Knit

11 09 2009

Any and all knitters out there will understand this completely.  I am sure of that.  And anyone that does not understand it, well I am sorry but I do not believe you are a real knitter.

I have worked too many hours in the last 4 days, and almost all of the hours that I have not been working I have been in school.  The combination of scary Nursing school and scary job transitions leaves me with only about 3 hours of free time per day.  I’m using that term loosely because it is not free time, it is the time that I have to cram in studying for said scary Nursing school and preparing yoga classes to teach at said scary job.  And I am not going to lie to you internet, this has all got me really down.

So at the end of all of this all I really want to do is curl up on my couch with my dog and knit.


That’s my dog up there, and that’s how he sits while I knit, with his head on my knees, waiting for me to look up from my knitting to see just how cute he is.  Now doesn’t it sound real nice to sit on a couch knitting and look up to that little face?  Yes, I think so too.

I have noticed, and i guess this is a pretty obvious observation, that when I’m tired and stressed and a little (or a lot) cranky, I have a preferred project.  Plain socks.  I love plain socks.  No counting, no yarn overs, no knit or purl anything with anything else or slip slip anything, just rows and rows of colorful stockinette.  I fully inted to take pictures of my plain vanilla sock, and maybe some other stuff too, tomorrow.

Until then, well I’m pretty much planning nothing until then, so goodnight!

Starting Somewhere

11 09 2009

While I am not a new knitter, I am a new knit-blogger.  With the exception of a very neglected tumblog, but I don’t really count that because tumblr doesn’t feel like a real blog to me.  So here I am introducing myself once again on the internet and hoping that out there some of you are reading!

Since this is a blog about my knitting, I will let my current WIP’s do the talking for me.

Here’s a Wendy Johnson pattern (Ribbed Ribbons) in Louet Gems Fingering Weight in Bright Red.

Ribbed Ribbons Socks

Now I am not a fan of very bright colored yarns as a rule, and I ordered this yarn online pretty impulsively.  I will admit that when it arrived I was skeptical.  Very skeptical.  But I told myself “Hey, self, these are socks and if there is one thing to knit a little out of your color comfort zone, it is socks lady!”

And let me tell you, I am really loving the bright red.  I’ve also realized that I tend to WEAR a lot of bright red, shirts and dresses specifically, and maybe there will be a day that I will be real ballsy and I will wear these bright red socks with a skirt and cute shoes, but I think it is more likely that I will wear them under jeans and I will just know that they are there and bright red all on their own!  (Louet Gems is a really fabulous fingering weight yarn though, it’s the perfect amount squishy and just thick enough to make me feel like these socks are knitting up quickly)

Second and last order of business for tonight, another pair of Socks In Progress (SiP’s!)  It’s a second Wendy pattern (there is a September Wendy Knit A Long people!)  These are her Rivulets and I am using AMAZING Slackford Studio Bonny BFL Fingering in colorway “Modest Blush.”  The yarn is a dream, unbelievably soft and a great weight for socks, nice and thin and can be used with my preferred 2 mm US 0’s.

Rivulets Socks

I am knitting both of these socks Two at a Time Magic Loop, and I am honestly pretty excited about this because I taught myself only last week.  It’s great for me because I tend to put second socks off, and this way when I’m done with one I’m done with the whole pair.

(One last thing, both of these pairs are past the heel now, I just don’t have updated pictures but I’ll get to that this weekend along with, I hope, pictures of some other WIP’s*)

*Just a warning right now they are almost all socks!