22 11 2012




21 02 2011

I finished this a couple of weeks ago but haven’t had a chance to post it yet. This is Kim Hargreave’s Edie from her Precious collection. I used Teva Durham’s Loop-d-loop Moss. I was intending this to be a big cozy sweater with lots of ease to throw on when I’m teaching and hanging around at the studio. I did check gauge but ended up with something a bit bigger than the sample. I will come clean to the fact that this was knit over the course of almost an entire year, so I’m sure at different times I had different tensions. I love the finished look of the yarn knit up but it was also a little bit of a pain to work with, although I would be open to using it again and making a second opinion.


Overall I’m so pleased to have this off the needles and no longer hanging over my head as an unfinished and neglected project, I’ve worn it several times and it serves its purpose very well 🙂


Edie Sweater

It’s Been Too Long

30 01 2011

So I have decided to be more active on this blog again, if for no other reason than that I’d like to have somewhere to keep track of my knitting!

I just finished up a Parcel, from Carol Feller in Cascade Venizia Worsted. It’s a great pattern, seamless pullover with an interesting cable detail. The yarn is great and fun to knit with, overall this took me about two months of knitting while being distracted by plenty of other projects. I’m happy with how it turned out except it is a little too big in the sleeves, not enough for me to rip and rework but just enough to notice.

Pictures are of the mountain of snow in my front yard and the tiny patch of path I was able to stand in.

Summer Knits

10 04 2010

Last summer I knit primarily socks.  By “primarily” I mean “exclusively.”  This was for a couple of reasons, socks are portable, fairly fast knits that provide instant gratification.  Socks are also fairly cheap to make.  I’m more than a little picky about my yarn.  If I knit, I want to knit with the good stuff.  This means that a sweater usually costs me a minimum of $70 while a pair of socks are almost always in the 20 dollar range.  Money was a bit tighter last year than this, and so I have decided that this summer I will be knitting some actual summer garments.

This includes drape-y tanks, possible tank dresses or slips, and cardigans made in summer friendly yarns.  And I would like to present my very first of these projects!

As I mentioned briefly at the end of my last post, here is Que Sera:

I instantly fell in love with this vintage style cardigan when I saw it in the new issue of Knitty.  It’s elegant without being very fussy, something I find rare in a lace pattern.  I have been diligently knitting away on my own version since Wednesday and here is what I have so far:

The body is worked in one piece to armholes which is my favorite style of construction.  I wish the sleeves were picked up from there but they are not, I may modify that construction but the chances are I will not want to complicate the lace pattern.

I’m about to work the third buttonhole (of 5 total) so I expect to reach the arm shaping soon!  I am using Takhi Cotton Classic and it’s a lovely easy to work with cotton, not stiff at all compared to other cotton yarns.  It has a nice sheen and drape almost like silk.  I’m quite tempted to cheat and block what I have just to see how it will look but it is not a matter of fit so I’ll have to be patient 🙂

Oh So Quiet

7 04 2010

Not only on my blog.  I have completely lost my voice.  I am not sick, I don’t feel horrible, I just can’t speak at all!  I’m hoping for a fast recovery, not being able to speak is not a good thing for a yoga teacher.  🙂

In the world of my knitting, I have a bunch of Cookie A. socks happening:

First, I am about half finished with my second Milo.  I’m knitting them with Zoe Sock and I love them.

Second:  I am using the fruits of my Valentine’s Yarn to knit a pair of Lindsay’s:

The Yarn is Elizabeth Bennet by Yarn Love in colorway Twinkling Pink.  It’s a little darker than that photo, more like this one:

And the last pair of Cookie A socks, my very first pair of the ever popular Monkeys:

I’m actually almost done with that sock, but apparently haven’t taken pictures of them in a while!

In addition to all of the Cookies, a pair of simple toe-up cabled rib socks in Schaefer Yarn’s Nichole (colorway is Dorothy Reade):

And I may or may not have cast on today for one of these (but can you really blame me!)

Well, there you have it, a peek at things to come, and a blatant admittance to knitting ADD.  I will say though, I seem to switch up projects pretty frequently but I am making steady little progress on everything.

See, Didn’t forget.

28 02 2010

I started this pair of Nugatory on December 6th according to my rav page.  That’s embarrassing, almost three months on the needles!  At least I know I finished a bunch of projects in there, but I am more resolved than ever to finish the 3 second socks that are waiting to be started.

This pattern is great and easy, I made these for myself but decided they are perfect for a friend so I’m giving them away.  The yarn is Fleece Artist Merino 2/6 in colorway Mermaid.

Warning… Not Knitting Related!

21 02 2010

I’m always talking about how I’m too busy to knit, well here’s proof of why!

That’s me on that billboard!  The studio where I mostly teach, and also work, and sometimes even sleep, put me in their ads.  Pretty fantastic.  I’m quite proud of myself for this one 🙂